E-Cigs and Mods Featuring DSE901 Atomizer

Advantages of DSE901 Atomizer over Other E-Cigarettes

By now, you already know about what electronic cigarettes can do for you. You know that you can use it as a substitute for real cigarettes if you want a healthy option. With electronic cigarettes, you remove the carcinogens, the tar, the teeth staining, bad breath and all the other adverse effects of cigarette smoking, without actually quitting smoking.

Now, you are probably in the process of figuring out how to buy these electronic cigarettes. Your first dilemma is what model you should start with. What most electronic cigarette enthusiasts will tell you is that you can start with the DSE901 atomizer.

The DSE901 atomizer is a great choice for beginners and even long time electronic cigarette users. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this model:

Part Sharing

Since the DSE901 is the most commonly bought electronic cigarette model, you can easily share the parts with your other e-cigarette smoking friends. You can trade atomizers and battery packs depending on your needs.

Easily Refillable

The DSE901 is one of the easiest electronic cigarette models to refill nicotine with. That is because it allows nicotine topping. With nicotine topping, you do not need to buy new cartridges. You just have to get a new supply of bottled diluted nicotine liquid and top your existing cartridges up.

Long Battery Life

The DSE901 has a long battery life compared to the super mini electronic cigarettes. It could last more than four hours of continuous hit before the battery dies. Some DSE901’s also have an option to connect the electronic cigarette to any computer with a USB port through a pass-through cable. It charges the battery pack or it could be used as substitute power source for the electronic cigarette. You can just plug it in then smoke it while you browse the Internet.

Comes in different colors

You can personally choose the color that you want. The DSE901 is also known for being a white label, so it will not have any product markings on its body. For people who like the simple look, this could be a good thing.

Mini Cigarette

The size of the DSE901 is between 10 cm and 14 cm. Its advantage is that it is not as short as super minis but it is not as bulky as king size electronic cigarettes. The DSE901 hard case can usually fit on regular jean pockets.


One of the main reasons why the DSE901 is perfect for beginners is because of its affordable price. A starter kit that includes 2 DSE901 atomizers, 2 rechargeable lithium-ion electronic cigarette batteries, battery charger, and 5 sample nicotine cartridges can sell below $50. And while using electronic cigarettes already saves you 85 percent more than smoking regular cigarettes, using the DSE901 can even increase your savings. That is because, as said before, the DSE 901’s cartridges can be refilled with diluted nicotine that can be bought in bottles. So if you are looking to save money, the DSE901 is the way to go.

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